shopping lamps

lamps artilleriet

1 Hobo pendant | 2 Ay Illuminate z5

3 Lampe Gras Outdoor | Frama 90 degree

5 Hay Pion Lamp | 6 Flos Ipnos

…shopping lighting can be such a fun process.. I always get inspired by new lighting, I like a structural feel and a lovely glow as well.


 I’m so happy about the new Lampe Gras for outdoor use, I’ve had two other styles of these in my home for some time now, and I never get tired of moving them around, they really look great anywhere.  I love brass combined with older elements, as in the light bulb and brass shelf above by Frama.  That lovely pendant by Ay Illuminate… in the dark fabric, since dark seems to be my fabric choice nowadays, love the drama it produces and the transparency seems to be a good compromise in the evening, as most dark fabrics take away light. The structural shape of the Flos lamp is a beauty…