From an afternoon styling, I’ve been in the mood lately of mixing and matching contrasting concepts, just like I would for a painting.

Danish sound and speaker by Kahler in ceramic finish and a leather strap on my speaker..  Absolutely dreamy scent from Fueguia specially designed for Ett Hem in Stockholm, the notes take you to a warm and peaceful mindset that embodies the “home sweet home” feel.  Table by Domo design.
Art by me.
Brass objects both by Georg Jensen. And wine glass by the lovely Carina Seth Andersson. Lots of books. Petrified wood box and minerals from my own collection. #homesweethome



TS news

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My dear and close friend Therese Sennerholt just launched a new collection of beautiful Art prints, don’t miss out her work, what a talented graphic designer, amongst all she does.. I’ve been a fan for years. She also designed my Ligne Studio logo which I absolutely love, always Avant Garde. Admiring the gray tones here, the work of stylist Amaro Rodriguez and the elements of Melo Studio’s tables. All aesthetically balanced if you asked me. Well done T!